Yamaha StagePAS 1K – Portable Line Array Speaker System

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Includes Free Dolly worth £110 for a limited time. The StagePAS 1K is an all-in-one portable PA system that allows you to quickly and easily transform any location instantly into a stage.

Boasting 1000W of power, this portable PA system features a 5 channel digital mixer, 12inch subwoofer, a 10 x 1.5inch line array speaker, on-board Bluetooth, high-performance SPX digital reverbs and easy-to-use EQ and multi band compression for the master output.

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Stunningly Simple. Impressively Professional.
The StagePAS 1K is an all-in-one portable PA system that allows you to quickly and easily transform any location instantly into a stage. Delivering professional level audio performance with a setup so simple it enables aspiring artists to focus on their music and get the most out of their performances. The StagePAS 1K surpasses other portable PAs with the highest standard of sound quality and sound pressure, lightweight cabinet design, professional mixing functions, and simple operability. By adopting a concert-quality mixer and speaker, we have defined a new standard for portable PA by utilising our unique experience and know-how developed over decades of producing innovative, professional audio equipment from every stage of music engineering and production.

Simple setup and simple control allows you to focus on your performance
The StagePAS 1K comes equipped with a wealth of sound adjustment features, including 1-knob EQ to perform multiple EQ processes simultaneously, and MODE which allows you to adjust optimised compression settings such as ‘Speech’ or ‘Music’ to match various applications. All adjustments can be done simply with one knob, which makes getting the perfect mix fast and easy with no need to learn a complex workflow and allows you to focus on your performance without worrying about time-consuming parameter adjustment.

Best-in-Class Compact Power
A 1000W amplifier drives the array speaker with 10 small-diameter 1.5″ units, as well as a class-leading 12″ subwoofer. The impressive 170° horizontal and 30° vertical coverage area delivers consistent performance over long distances, projecting uniform, high-quality sound from the front to the rear of the audience.

Compact yet powerful package
Despite its lightweight and compact cabinet construction, the StagePAS 1K features a high-output 1000W amplifier that drives a high-frequency array speaker with ten 1.5″ units and a large 12″ subwoofer, producing best-in-class sound pressure levels of up to 119 dB. An impressive 170° horizontal and 30° vertical coverage delivers clear, high-quality sound consistently throughout a wide coverage area.

J-Curve Slim Line Array
The high-frequency speaker array is comprised of 10 small-diameter 1.5″ speakers. By adopting a J-curve array configuration, the high-frequency unit achieves vertical coverage of 30° across a span of 170°. With such a long, 10-driver array design the StagePAS can deliver clear, high quality sound consistently over longer distances, projecting uniform, high-quality sound from the front to the rear of the audience.

Class-leading 12-inch ‘compact’ subwoofer
The subwoofer features a 12-inch speaker unit which is hardly ‘compact’ and, actually, the largest in its class. However, for the STAGEPAS 1K’s new design we focused on reducing enclosure size and weight in order to improve portability, thus achieving the smallest class cabinet on the market for a subwoofer of this size and power. By incorporating our own Twisted Flare Port technology to reduce port wind noise that can occur with compact bass-reflex subwoofers, the low-end output is maximised, producing very deep, powerful, distortion-free bass.

High efficiency 1000W Class-D amplifier
Also at the top of its class for output power, the 1000W Class-D amplifier module is capable of delivering an impressive 119 dB SPL from the deceptively compact speaker cabinet. And just as importantly, we’ve leveraged our decades-long experience as a maker of professional PA products, and innovator of related technologies to ensure that with great power comes great stability, and that the StagePAS 1K maintains the same accurate, superior-quality sound even at high output.

Professional functionality with simple operation
We’ve been developing innovative digital mixers for professional engineers around the world for decades. The StagePAS 1K’s digital mixer incorporates that wealth of expertise, featuring an intuitive UI that makes it possible to dial in otherwise complex operations with a single control, reducing setup time and streamlining system operation and allowing users to focus on their performance.

Digital mixer with versatile input
With outstanding flexibility for a PA system of this size, the 5-channel digital mixer features three channels of mono microphone/line inputs and stereo inputs, with two of the mono input channels equipped with Hi-Z connectivity for direct input of electro-acoustic guitars and other instruments. In addition to phone and 1/8″ mini jacks, the stereo connections support playback with Bluetooth devices as well as a wide range of input sources from instruments to CDs, computers and smartphones/tablets.

Professional control with a single control
StagePAS 1K comes equipped with a wealth of sound shaping functions, including 1-knob EQ for optimised multi band EQ setting, industry standard SPX reverb, and the ‘Mode’ control for master output compression settings that match various applications such as speech or music. Each of these functions can be set via a single control, and have simplified many of the trickier tasks such as EQ and compression – helping to get you to a great mix faster than ever:

1. SPX the standard digital reverb
One control gives you access to four different high-quality reverb settings – perfect for vocals and acoustic instruments. Simply turn the knob to change the reverb type and time, and then you’re ready to apply just the right amount of high-resolution effect to each channel.

2. 1-knob EQ
Whether turning to the left to cut unnecessary low-end frequencies for speeches, or turning to the right to emphasise the bottom and high ends for band performances, this innovative equaliser can instantly dial in the perfect sound adjustment with a simple turn of the control.

3. Master output MODE
The multiband compressor adjusts optimised compression settings to suit various applications. By selecting the setting closest to your application, you can add a more professional edge to your sound without having to master myriad compression/audio engineering principles.

StagePAS Editor
StagePAS Editor is StagePAS 1K’s dedicated remote control app which allows users to adjust volume and EQ from a distance via Bluetooth during rehearsal or performance. You can also save the adjusted settings for certain songs or applications in order to shorten your setup process in the future and maintain consistency from one performance to the next.

Superior Utility and Portability
The StagePAS 1K is an innovative all-in-one portable PA system that is not only capable of filling a wide area with high-quality and uniform sound from just one unit, but also lightweight enough to be easily carried by anyone, simple enough to set up in about one minute, and durable enough to withstand harsh environments.

Simple setup
Simply place the 2 spacers and speaker unit into the subwoofer and setup is essentially done, with no cables, speaker stand, or additional gear required beyond the main unit. All you need is in the package.

High-grade polyurea coating
The lightweight ABS cabinet of subwoofer features a high-grade polyurea coating to prevent wear and tear during transport. It is light enough to make the system extremely portable, but also rugged and scratch-resistant enough to withstand harsh performance environments.

Scalability via linked StagePAS 1K systems
Linking two StagePAS 1K’s provides wider coverage area and higher output power for larger scale performances. Both stereo and mono playback are supported, and when set to mono, both STAGEAPAS 1K inputs can still be used (up to 6 mono inputs plus 2 stereo inputs).

Fitted cover included
The StagePAS 1K comes with its own cover which, in addition to protecting the unit, has pouches for both spacers and speaker array as well as additional storage pockets for microphones, cables, etc., streamlining system setup and teardown.

Optional dolly
An optional dedicated dolly allows for more convenient transportation – particularly useful for performers transporting additional gear and instruments. Featuring a simple, sturdy mechanism that locks down the speaker cover the lightweight dolly enables smooth, reliable transportation.


– 1000W (HF:190W+LF:810W) power output
– Biggest in the class 12” subwoofer for low frequency
– 1.5” x 10 slim line array speaker for high frequency
– Digital mixer (3 mono mic/line + 1 stereo line)
– Multi band comp ‘mode’ for master output
– 1-knob EQ for per channel
– High resolution SPX digital reverbs (4types, parameter control)
– 2x Hi-Z (high impedance) inputs
– Link out and monitor out
– Dedicated cover included
– Optional reverb foot switch
– Optional dolly for more portability
-Dimensions (W x H x D) : System: 334 x 2,000 x 418 mm (maximum), Line array speaker: 67 x 582 x 86 mm, Powered subwoofer: 334 x 550 x 418 mm, Spacer: 67 x 555 x 86 mm (each)
– Weight : System: 23.0kg (maximum), Line array speaker: 1.8kg, Powered subwoofer: 20.0kg, Spacer: 0.6kg (each)


2 Year Yamaha Warranty (No Registration Required)