Yamaha Reface YC Mini Combo Organ Synthesiser


Electric combo organ: Fat and punchy additive synthesis

Rich, punchy sounds are its area of expertise: The reface YC offers additive synthesis paired with a unique power of expression using nine drawbars and virtual rotary speakers. The instrument combines five different models of organs, the sound created using a special organ flutes tone generator. In addition to the possibility to carry around five organs in a single piece of hardware without breaking your back, the reface YC delivers the authentic spirit of playing an organ using the smallest user interface possible.

The Yamaha reface YC Combo Organ features 5 vintage organ sounds with drawbars and percussion to please old school organ lovers. The YC also has distortion and reverb effects that instantly alter your sound. The reface YC emulates classic sounds such as the Hammond, Vox, Acetone and Yamaha Organs. This lightweight, portable organ will inspire creativity in a range of settings.

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The Reface YC provides unique expression of drawbars, rotary speakers, percussion and effects for a complete organ experience.

37 Key Portable Combo Organ
Built in Speakers
Optional Battery Power
5 Professional Organ Sounds
On Board Effects for Versatility


Keys: 37 HQ Mini
Polyphony (Max): 128
Engine: AWM (Organ Flutes)
Voice Types: 5 Organ types
Effects: Rotary Speaker, Distortion, Reverb
Amplifiers: 2 x 2 Watt
Speakers: 2 x 3 cm
Inputs: 1 x 3.5mm Aux, MIDI In
Outputs: 2 x 1/4″ TS (Stereo Out), MIDI Out, 1 x 3.5 mm Headphones
Other Connections: USB, Pedals
Power Consumption: 6 Watts
Battery Life: 5 Hours (Approx)
Power Supply: Included Adapter or 6 x AA Batteries (Sold Separately)
Includes: AC Adapter, MIDI Breakout Cable, Owner’s Manual
Height: 60 mm (2.375″)
Width: 530 mm (20.875″)
Depth: 175 mm (6.875″)
Weight: 1.9 kg (4 lbs 3 oz)


2 Year Yamaha Warranty