Yamaha PSRSX900 Digital Arranger Keyboard


When it comes to setting new benchmarks in high-quality digital sound, design and playing enjoyment, the new PSR-SX700 and PSR-SX900 are hard to beat. As the next generation of the highly popular PSR-S series, both models have been meticulously crafted to maximise playing, performance and enjoyment. The result: a truly unique experience that sets any musician’s imagination free.

Music is all about individuality and creative exploration. That’s why the PSR-SX700 and PSR-SX900 come equipped with a range of new functions and features designed to give your musical ideas wings. PSR-SX fans can look forward not only to a fascinating new look, but also exciting highlights including a completely redesigned user interface with an integrated touch screen, new assignable buttons, joystick, and live controllers, guaranteeing hours of fun.

Songwriting and composition have never been easier because the PSR-SX comes with a whole host of styles to choose from. These rhythmic patterns span numerous musical genres, making them an ideal accompaniment and inspiration for all your musical compilations. This, combined with a vast range of expressive sounds, makes the PSR-SX your ultimate musical partner.

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– New FSB keyboard, complete with 61 keys and touch response
– A total of 1,873 voices
– In all, 525 styles, including new drum kits
– New Right Part 3 part allows combinations of up to 3 voices
– Enhanced DSP power for greater effects and sound
– New user interface, complete with touch screen, joystick controller and assignable buttons
– Song position jump, style section reset and playlist function
– Chord looper function
– Bluetooth audio
– High resolution sound for line out; sub-outs & new expansive sound field speaker
– Enhanced expansion memory: 1 GB

The 7-inch touch display and intuitive new graphic user interface mean that you have complete the control over powerful features. What‘s more, all functions can now be activated even faster! Choose from a wide range of functions and assign them to the six assignable buttons, live control knobs, pedals or the home shortcut menu. Then instantly recall them with a single touch.
The FSB keyboard offers remarkable playing comfort and performance, thanks to its heavier initial key resistance and greater key travel. The refined keyboard structure, with an adjusted fulcrum, allows you to play comfortably even on the backs of the keys, while the upgraded components suppress the horizontal key movement. The joystick offers intuitive pitch and modulation control, which means now you can play rapid trills, dynamic pitch bends, and finely nuanced modulation – all from a single, easily configured controller.

PSR-SX includes a comprehensive and sonically stunning set of authentic voices. Moreover, the list of exciting tools to choose from means you can play each of them with greater power and expressiveness. What‘s more, the sound of the new drums in the PSR-SX900 (derived from the Revo! Drums of Genos) bring new levels of authenticity to your performance. The PSR-SX900 consists of four keyboard parts for optimal manual performance: LEFT, RIGHT 1, RIGHT 2 and RIGHT 3. By combining these, you can create rich instrumental textures while enjoying convenient performance combinations.

The responsive polypropylene diaphragm ensures crisp, high-quality tones, while a new diaphragm structure delivers balanced sound throughout a broad listening area in PSR-SX900.
The audio output of the keyboard has been completely overhauled with a focus on delivering the highest quality sound possible. The new Digital Audio Converter (DAC) provides high quality defined sound across
a wide frequency range, ensuring that the PSR-SX always cuts through the mix. What‘s more, the PSR-SX900 features two sub line-out connections that you can use to adapt your sound to various situations. Try routing bass through a separate subwoofer for a fuller, more powerful bottom end, or send parts and drum instruments to an external console to further develop your sound.

The Chord Looper lets you record a chord sequence and immediately play it back. That frees up your left hand from playing chords, thus providing new ways to enhance your performance. Because the chords play back in a loop, you don’t need to manually repeat the chord pattern anymore. That means you can focus on your playing and performance.

With the Style Section Reset you can easily jump to the beginning of the bar by simply pressing the [RESET/TAP TEMPO] button. This valuable feature is ideal for accompanying singers or performing music with varying time signatures. For Song Playback, just touch one of the buttons from 1-4 in Song Position and the song jumps back to the desired position once the piece reaches its end.


Colour/Finish: Black
Dimensions: 1017 mm x 139 mm x 431 mm
Weight: 11.5 kg
Number of Keys: 61
Touch Response: Normal, Soft 1, Soft 2, Hard 1, Hard 2
Other Controllers: Joystick
Control Knobs: 2 (assignable)

Type: TFT Colour Wide VGA LCD
Size: 800 x 480 dots (7 inch), Touch Screen
Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
Panel Language: English

Tone Generation: Technology AWM Stereo Sampling
Polyphony (Max.): 128
Number of Voices: 1337 Voices + 56 Drum/SFX Kits
Featured Voices: 252 S.Art!, 54 Mega Voices, 31 Sweet! Voices, 87 Cool! Voices, 131 Live! Voices, 24 Organ Flutes
Compatibility: XG (for Song playback), GS (for Song playback), GM, GM2
Expandability: Expansion Voice (approx. 1 GB)
Voice Mix Parts: Right 1, Right 2, Right 3, Left

Types: Reverb 59 Presets + 30 User, Chorus 106 Presets + 30 User, DSP 322 Presets (with VCM) + 30 User, Insertion Effect 1-8: 322 Presets (with VCM) + 30 User, Master Compressor 5 Presets + 30 User, Master EQ 5 Presets + 30 User, Part EQ 28 Parts, Others Mic/Guitar Effects: Noise Gate, Compressor, 3 Band EQ,
Vocal Effects: 23
Arpeggio: Yes
Vocal Harmony: Number of Presets 54
Synth Vocoder: 20
Number of User Settings: 60

Accompaniment Styles: Preset Styles 525
Featured Styles: 463 Pro Styles, 46 Session Styles, 10 DJ Styles, 6 Free Play
Fingering: Single Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard
Style Control: INTRO x 3, MAIN VARIATION x 4, FILL x 4, BREAK, ENDING x 3

Other Features:
One Touch Setting (OTS): 4 for each Style
Chord Looper: Yes
Style Section Reset: Yes
Expandability: Expansion Style Internal Memory
Expansion Audio Style: Internal Memory
Number of Preset Songs: 5 Sample Songs
Recording: Number of Songs Unlimited
Number of Tracks: 16
Data Capacity: Approx. 3 MB/Song
Recording Function: Quick Recording, Multi Recording, Step Recording

Compatible Data Formats:
Playback: SMF (Format 0 & 1), XF
Recording: SMF (Format 0)

Multi Pads: 329 Banks x 4 Pads
Audio: Yes
Registration: Number of Buttons 8
Control: Registration Sequence, Freeze
Playlist Number of Records: 2500 (max.) Records per Playlist file
Lesson/Guide: Follow Lights, Any Key, Karao-Key, Your Tempo
Demonstration: Yes
Metronome: Yes, Tempo Range 5 – 500, Tap Tempo
Transpose: -12 – 0 – +12
Tuning: 414.8 440 466.8 Hz
Octave Button: Yes
Scale Type: 9 types, Sub Scale Setting
Bluetooth: Yes (Audio)
Direct Access: Yes
Text Display Function: Yes
Display Out: Yes (by using a commercially available USB display adaptor)
Voices Harmony/Echo: Yes (with Arpeggio)
Panel Sustain: Yes
Mono/Poly: Yes

Style Creator: Yes
Style Recommender: Yes

OTS Information: Yes
Score Display Function: Yes
Lyrics Display Function: Yes
Multi Pad Creator: Yes
Audio Recorder/Player: Recording Time (max.) 80 minutes/Song
Recording: .wav (WAV format: 44.1 kHz sample rate, 16 bit resolution, stereo), .mp3 (44.1 kHz sample rate,128/256/320 kbps, mono/stereo)
Playback: .wav (WAV format: 44.1 kHz sample rate, 16 bit resolution, stereo), .mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3: 44.1/48.0 kHz sample rate, 64-320 kbps and variable bit rate, mono/stereo)
Time Stretch: Yes
Pitch Shift: Yes
Vocal Cancel: Yes

Internal Memory: approx. 4 GB
External Drives: USB Flash Memory (via USB to DEVICE)

Headphones Connectivity: Yes
FOOT PEDAL Connectivity: 1 (SUSTAIN), 2 (ARTICULATION), Function Assignable
Microphone Input: Microphone or Guitar x 1
AUX IN: Stereo mini jack
USB TO DEVICE: Yes (x 2)
Amplifiers: (15 W + 10 W) x 2
Speakers: 13 cm x 2 + 2.5 cm (dome) x 2

Power Supply: PA-300C or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha
Power Consumption: 24 W
Auto Power Off Function: Yes
Included Accessories: Owner’s Manual, Online Member Product Registration, Music Rest, AC Adaptor


2 Year Yamaha Warranty (No Registration Required)