Yamaha Genos Handbook 2


Created by two of Germany’s leading Yamaha product experts and exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by The Keyboard Place, Handbooks give customers a unique insight into their Yamaha digital piano or keyboard.

Think of buying the very latest digital camera, it comes with an owners manual which tells you what every function does… but what it doesn’t usually do is tell you how they can be used to take an amazing picture!
Taking owners step-by-step through even the most advanced procedures, these books gradually lift the lid on the extraordinary features of their instrument.
Luxury spiral binding ensures the books can be read and read without aging, not to mention making it easy to place on a music rest!

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A picture is worth a thousand words
A saying more than proven to be true in the Handbook series. Separated into easy-to-follow workshops, each step has a picture showing you exactly what to do.
Each section even has an area for notes making it easy to remember everything when working through pages of helpful, intuitive and enlightening instructions and advice.
Whether used to build a customer relationship, marketed as part of a must-have package, or simply sold stand-alone, these books are a must-have for owners of Yamaha digital pianos and keyboards.