Yamaha DGX660 Portable Grand Piano (White)


The Yamaha DGX 660 Digital Piano is a contemporary digital piano that provides pianists a fun way to enhance both their creative and performance experience. The DGX 660 features 88 keys with GHS key action, 192-voice polyphony and 554 voices, as well as 205 backing styles and a graphic display. Now players of all abilities can feel what it’s like to play with a band and sound like a professional while the built-in USB audio recorder captures every moment of musical inspiration.

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– 88-Note Digital Piano with Graded Hammer Standard Keys
– Pure CF Sound Engine and 192 Polyphonies
– Reverb, Chorus, DSP and Master EQ Effects
– Natural!, Live!, Sweet! and Cool! Voices
– LCD Screen Displays Score and Lyrics

Authentic Piano Touch
The Yamaha Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) 88-note keyboard features a weighted action with heavier touch at the low end and lighter touch at the high end, helping to faithfully replicate the feel of a traditional acoustic piano. For the aspiring pianist, practising on the GHS action builds and improves the proper finger technique, along with strength needed for performing on an acoustic piano.

World-Class Concert Grand Piano with Pure CF Sampling
The Pure CF Sound Engine that is housed within the DGX660 combines many years of acoustic piano heritage with modern sampling techniques. Yamaha is renowned for its digital piano technology and you can certainly hear this in the Voice that utilise the Pure CF piano sampling. The sound of a Yamaha CFIIIS 9′ concert grand piano is faithfully reproduced, resulting in both incredible dynamics and expressiveness.

Your Own Personal ”Piano Room”
The DGX660 provides a dedicated virtual space where you can choose from a variety of pianos and acoustic settings, resulting in your own personalised practice or performance environment. Simply select your desired piano, then choose an acoustic setting from a plain room to a club stage or a concert hall.

Play and Sing
This Yamaha Digital Piano allows you to connect a microphone and sing along with your own playing, or with pre-recorded Karaoke song files from Yamaha Musicsoft. Lyrics are displayed on the DGX660’s display, while your vocals and backing are mixed seamlessly together through the built-in speakers. Three presets are also included for added convenience, or you can create and save your own original microphone settings including professional reverb and chorus effects.

Simple Chords… Professional Sound
Smart Chord ensures you sound like a pro, even if you’ve just started to learn how to play a song. With a single finger of your left hand, Smart Chord will create entire chords from simple Pop triads to complex jazz 7th and 9th chords. Accompaniment Styles then create the rest of your virtual band, while you get straight to playing the music.

Damper Resonance
The innovative Damper Resonance function digitally reproduces the sympathetic vibrations created by the strings of an acoustic piano. When the damper pedal is used during a performance, other strings add resonance to the notes you play until the pedal is released.

Live! Cool! and Sweet! Voices
Authentic guitars, melodic strings, punchy brass and more… The highly acclaimed Live!, Cool! and Sweet! Voices feature a unique blend of long, stereo and multi-layered samples that capture the authentic essence of each instrument – right down to realistic resonance, expression and vibrato.

Convenient USB Audio Recording and Playback
With the DGX600 you can now record your performances or MIDI songs in uncompressed, CD-quality audio (WAV format) directly to a USB flash drive using the built-in Audio Recorder. This provides you with the ability to copy your songs to your computer, share them over the internet or transfer them to your portable music player. The DGX660 also has the ability to playback uncompressed WAV files stored on any USB flash drive, further expanding the creative possibilities.


Amplifiers: 2 x 6 W
Speakers: 2 x 12cm, 2 x 5cm
Dimensions: 1397mm x 146mm x 445mm (W x H x D)
Dimensions with Keyboard Stand: 1399mm x 761mm x 445mm
Weight: 21kg (28kg with Keyboard Stand)
Power Consumption: 13 W
Auto Power Off: Yes
Power Supply: PA-150 (Included)

Control Interface
Number of Keys: 88
Key Type: Graded Hammer Standard (GHS)
Touch Response: Adjustable; Soft, Medium, Hard, Fixed
Pitch Bend: Yes
Display: Full Dot LCD (320 x 240 dots)
Colour: Monochrome
Contrast: Yes
Score Display: Yes
Lyrics Display: Yes

Piano Sound: Pure CF Sound Engine
Damper Resonance: Yes
Number of Polyphony: 192
Preset Number of Voices: 151 + 51 Drums/SFX Kits + 388 XGlite
Preset Features Voices: 1 x Natural!, 10 x Live!, 11 x Sweet!, 7 x Cool!

Reverb: 41 Types
Chorus: 44 Types
DSP: 237 Types
Master EQ: 5 Types
Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC): Yes
Effects Functions: Dual, Split, Panel Sustain

Accompaniment Styles
Preset Styles: 205
Preset Fingering: Multi Finger, Full Keyboard, Al Fingered
Preset Style Control: INTRO, MAIN x 2, FILL-IN x 2, ENDING
Music Database: 320
One Touch Setting (OTS): Yes
Style Recommender: Yes
Smart Chord: Yes
Compatibility: Style File Format (SFF), Style File Format GE (SFF GE)

Number of Buttons: 4 (x 8 Banks)
Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.): Waiting, Your Tempo, Minus One, Repeat & Learn, Chord Dictionary
Metronome: Yes
Tempo Range: 5 – 280
Transpose: -12 – 0 – +12
Tuning: 415.3 – 440.0 – 466.2 Hz
Recording Time: 80 Minutes/Song
Recording: WAV 44.1kHz, 16-bit Stereo
Playback: WAV 44.1kHz, 16-bit Stereo

Storage and Connectivity
Internal Memory: Approx. 1.7MB
External Drives: USB Flash Memory
DC IN: 12V
Headphones: Standard Stereo Phone Jack
Sustain Pedal: Yes
Pedal Unit: Yes
Microphone: Standard Phone Jack
AUX IN: Stereo Mini Jack
USB to Device: Yes
USB to Host: Yes


2 Year Yamaha Warranty