Used Line 6 FBV Shortboard MkII


FBV Shortboard MkII isn’t your average foot controller. It’s a full-on remote control that keeps you at the foot of the stage instead of tied to the front of your Line 6 amp or POD. FBV Shortboard MkII delivers out-of-the box, plug-n-play connectivity. Stomp the 13 steel footswitches to quickly scroll and select channel presets, synchronise your time-based effects with Tap Tempo, activate effects, the chromatic tuner, and more.

When paired with Line 6 guitar amplifiers, the footswitches can activate many on-board amp effects including Quick Loop, Pitch Glide and Smart Harmony, and provide up to 128 user-created presets. The burly, full-sized volume/wah pedal feels solid under your foot and features plenty of grip. Clicking the toe-switch toggles between volume and wah control (with an illuminated LED to match). Oversized and backlit, the LCD is big, bright and easy to read. It displays the active preset name and number, and the chromatic tuner (when activated).

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Take full advantage of FBV Shortboard MkII with the free and downloadable FBV Control software. The application shows you a graphical representation of your FBV Shortboard MkII and lets you customise the midi commands that you send via USB.

Assign each FBV control a MIDI CC, a bank change, a program change or even transport commands to drive many popular audio applications.

Create and save endless variations – a few for gigs, a few for the studio – and easily add them to your FBV Shortboard MkII via USB. USB connectivity enables FBV Shortboard MkII to receive software and firmware updates.


– Total handsfree control of most Line 6 amps and POD processors
– 13 steel channel switches for preset bank select, bank scroll, effect select, tuner, tap tempo & more
– Burly, full-sized volume/wah pedal with plenty of grip
– Bright, oversized LCD shows active preset name/number and chromatic tuner
– FBV Control software allows for easy and unlimited mapping of FBV controls via USB
– Self-powered via included locking RJ-45 cable
– Back panel: USB jack, RJ-45 jack, 1/4-inch expression pedal jack