AKG C1000s Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone


Billed by AKG as ‘The Swiss army knife of microphones’, the updated version of the C1000 S multipurpose, variable-pattern, small-diaphragm, condenser microphone is ‘extremely popular for its versatility’.

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A gold-sputtered capsule housing makes the microphone ‘extremely rugged against humidity’. If no phantom power is available, the C1000 S can be powered by two standard AA batteries for up to 120 hours. Bass-cut and -10 dB attenuator switches are positioned safely in the battery compartment. On the shaft of the microphone there is an ‘on/off switch with no audible click’ and an adjacent battery status LED.

The combination of the back plate condenser transducer and the capsules shock-mount ‘optimises handling and cable noise rejection’. The microphone body consists of a solid aluminium shaft and screw-on front tube with a ‘rugged, stainless-steel, mesh cap’. the output connector is a 3-pin male XLR.

The polar pattern can be switched quickly from cardioid to hyper-cardioid by fitting the polar-pattern converter to the capsules, accessed by unscrewing the windshield and front tube; a presence-boost adapter boosts the sensitivity of the microphone by approximately. 5 dB between 5 kHz and 9 kHz for ‘optimum intelligibility of speech’ and is fitted in a similar way.


Applications: Vocals, instruments.
Response: 50Hz-20kHz.
Sensitivity: 6mV/Pa.
Phantom power: 9-52.
Dimensions: 229 x 34 (length x maximum diameter) mm.
Weight: 280g.


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